The Wrath of God

On Facebook there is a very interesting discussion on yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling between our pastor and the congregation members of Saint Casimir who are on Facebook.  Our pastor as usual has a very balanced gentle view of the issues and always expresses his thoughts on the theology of a matter with great patience and love.

The discussion today has gotten acrimonious and still our pastor remains calm.  One Facebook member said that we deserve the Wrath of God to fall down on us….really!!!  He wants to bring down the Wrath of God !!!!

The Facebook participate who wishes to send down the Wrath of God, brings up some very interesting impressions on God.  Such statements are telling of several things.  One, usually we are living in the spirituality of our childhood, and this attitude express some of the attitudes of Catholics during the 1940’s – 1950’s.  What is interesting about that time in Church history was the strong sense of righteous anger. It was just after WWII and people were on the alert to anything that could harm our way of life;  the Church seemed to be very angry.

“Fiftiesism” is a name for the kind of Catholicism that was generally practised in the 1950’s, between World War II and Vatican II. To many Catholics who can look back that far, the 1950’s seem like a golden age for the Church, because all kinds of Catholic systems were still up and running that crashed a few years later. On the other hand, precisely because so many Catholic systems crashed in the 1960’s and 1970’s, not all can have been well with the Church in those 1950’s. There must have been “something rotten in the State of Denmark”. From the site: Society of Saint Pius X

Two, our spirituality can be influenced by wrongs we feel affect us directly, such as the changes to the Church that many very traditional Catholics see as a betrayal by the Church.  They see the Church changes as something that has brought us out of line with Christ, making us more Protestant than Catholic.  For such Catholics in this mind set no amount of teaching on the prayerful facts about Church reform will quell their anger or their fears, so they become very angry.  They see all change, good and bad, as somehow causing HUGE unwanted changes within the Church…dangerous changes.

Three, it speaks of legalistic thinking.  For those who are legalistic thinkers there is only black or white, true or not true.

With all that said here is what I don’t like about the Wrath of God comment.  As Catholics we are children of the New Testament, meaning we know that Jesus has released us from the burden of living under the law, not from the law itself, just the burden.  Jesus preached and lived a life of compassion and hope.

Saint Paul did say in 1 Thessalonians 5:9:  For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Now we can say that there are those who do not have salvation through Christ, but is it our place to judge them?

The Facebook participate mentions that America is like the city of Sodom, but even Abraham Begs for Sodom And the LORD said, “If I find at Sodom fifty righteous in the city, I will spare the city.  God is saying that it is our responsibility to pray, and live as God calls us to live. The Church teaches us to show mercy, to do Acts of Mercy, to love the sinner not the sin.  So to ask God to show His Wrath just seems wrong to me.


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