Imagine Jesus as Your Life Coach

Mommy Mantra for June 27, 2013: Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. (Matthew 7:21)

fakeitThis is a difficult Gospel.  Difficult because what Jesus is asking of us is for us to not only do our best, but to truly KNOW that it is through Jesus that we have the success we have, that it is through Jesus that we have the tools we need to do what we are called to achieve, and only through Him.  There ain’t no half  steppin with Jesus.

Faking It was a British television show on BBC 4, 2002-2005, it was the first reality TV that I know of that took “ordinary people” with big dreams who felt stuck in lives that was not what they were dreaming of having. Its basic format was that a member of the public lived with and trained with an expert for four weeks and then took part in a contest against experienced participants in whatever activity they have learned.

So let’s recast that: Faking It, the Matthew 7:21 version.  A person who is stuck in a rut with their life, want to do better, be better; they have been praying about this for sometime, but felt no movement forward.  They wish to live a more genuine life.  They go to get help from the expert Jesus.  They live with Jesus for four weeks, sounds very much like a retreat to me, doing everything He tells them to do to achieve their goal.  They pray, fast, do centering prayer, Acts of Mercy and Charity.  Jesus does not let them off the hook, they must work hard to achieve this goal.  It is not easy but it is life changing.

One thing we learn from this experience is that Jesus will not give up on us until we achieve our goal, but if we just show half measures Jesus has no time for that.  He doesn’t belittle us, or humiliate us, but He is stern.  If we try and slide by giving lip service to what He has to offer, being in a sense False Prophet, (because we are in the course, we know all the right things to say…we are just speaking for ourselves alone), Jesus sees right through that and asks us to leave; He wants His message to be clear not clouded.  He wants us to be clear not clouded because if we are clouded we can not see our lives, ourselves, our loved ones as they truly are!  And that is genuine living!

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