Mommy Mantra: Luke 1:58

Mommy Mantra for June 24, 2013: Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown his great mercy toward her, and they rejoiced with her. Luke 1:58 The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Naming a child is a very important task for parents and there are family traditions for the naming of the child. Even before Greg and I were married we talked about baby naming. For me it was very important that our first son be named after our fathers. There is the Irish thought that the name of the child will impart to that child the spirit and power of that name; and if the child is a namesake than part of the personality of the person is imparted; so it’s a big deal what name you choice and you had better choice carefully!

So here is everyone excepting John to be name Zechariah, after all that is his dad’s name, but no, that doesn’t happen! Instead Elizabeth and Zechariah are guided to name their son John: (Yochanan) meaning “YAHWEH is gracious

The name John, or rather the Hebrew name Joanan where it came from, consists of two elements:

The first element is an abbreviated form of the appellative: YHWH, or the Name of the Lord.

The second part of the name comes from the verb (hanan) meaning be gracious, have pity, to beseech, to implore. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament states that this verb ‘depicts a heartfelt response by someone who has something to give to one who has a need.’ Derivatives are (hen), meaning favor, grace; (hinnam), meaning freely (for nothing); (hannun), meaning gracious; (hanina), favor; (tehinna), supplication.

Pretty powerful name John!

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