The Look of Love is in Your Eyes

Mommy Mantra for June 21, 2013: The lamp of the body is the eye. (Matthew 6:22)

The look of love is in your eyes, those are the lyrics to a song that comes to mind every time I see a baby looking up at his/her Mommy. The eyes are the lamp of the body, in the Gospel Jesus is speaking about being careful about what we put into our minds, hearts and spirits, but it is very reasonable to go that logical step further and think about how we “look” at/to the world around us.

It comes down to a reflection of our inner view of yourself and how we believe God views us. We reflect that view in our perceptive on the world, the people in it and our place among those people. Do we view the positively or negatively? Do we view ourselves positively or negatively? Jesus asks us to start to view the world the way He does: basically good.

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