Prayer and Competition: Who Does It Best!

IMAG0011Yesterday I posted about creating a prayer corner for your family but I never got around to showing you mine.  I have always been a private prayer-er but am truly in awe of those families that can set up family prayer corners….but I do have a portable prayer altar – a have altar will pray kinda thing.

If I am honest I have always enjoyed praying in private.  Except for Mass, if I am in a group I feel as if my private, (silent), conversation with God is being overheard, so I don’t like to pray communally.  And if I go further I have a strange spiritual competitive thing going on with my husband and so I am very aware of my verbal spontaneous prayers and wondering if they are going to be “as good” as his.  Being Irish Catholic, I have a VERY STRONG Irish spirituality; I don’t want to scare anyone off but it is on the “new agey” side; so I keep it hidden.  When I was in college at Aquinas in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I “found” the Charismatic moment and just fell in love with it, but felt self conscience about it, maybe it was the old tapes in head in my head of some authority figure telling me that to pray that way was wrong; I don’t know; but it is still a part of my spiritual nature I keep closeted. If you were to ask me to identify my spiritual nature, I would say I am Orthodox Irish Catholic.    So each item on my prayer table has special meaning to me.

IMAG0012The Triptych of the Divine Mercy. I really wasn’t aware of the Divine Mercy until I worked as the Director of Project Rachel for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. There was a volunteer, Sue Netter, who had a deep devotion to the Divine Mercy and the more I learned the more I came to love it as well.


IMAG0013This is the Icon of Saint Patrick, my saint namesake and next to him is my birthday, January, rosary.  I love this rosary, and while I am not a HUGE rosary sayer, I do use them when I am praying very much like prayer beads.





This is Saint Gregory the Great, my husband’s saint namesake.





Finally this icon is of Christ the Lifegiver, one my mother-in-law had. I am also hoping to add the icon of Mary of Perpetual Help, my mother’s favourite icon.

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