Lord My Soul Hurts

Mommy Mantra for June 19: When you fast …(Matthew 6:17) The first thing that comes to mind is the spiritual hunger that seeking moms feel.

Remember those first heady days of a new baby we couldn’t believe how lucky we were, than the real world comes crashing in and we are now in the land of nappies, school runs, homework, teen angst, and somehow God gets push to an hour on Sunday. Who has time to find those few minutes every day to spend time with God and when we do find those times it’s not enough. We are like teen girls in love again pining away for that special boy we only get to see during second period math.

As mothers we are often forget to care for ourselves spiritually and lose that connection to God and others this is spiritual hunger. That spiritual hunger is real, it’s powerful, it’s a need; but how do we as moms find that time to spend with God? It depends on where we are in our parenting. Are we dealing with infants, toddlers, school age, young adult children? Looking at where we are will help us discern what we could need to reconnect to God, others and ourselves; understanding what we are craving will help us define our need even more. Do we feel lonely that we need time with others? Do we need quiet time every day to recharge? Do we need to examine our prayer lives?

Now that we are moms our lives have changed and that change gives us the opportunity to create a prayer life and faith life that is uniquely ours.


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