Pat Robertson Are You The Lone Haranguer?

My nephew has this on his Facebook timeline: Pat Robertson: Disobedient Wives ‘Must Be Spanked’ along with his comment, “what is this 1634!” Oh, if it were only that simple!

Two issues come to mind: A basic understanding of Jesus’ Merciful Forgiveness and how we view God is a direct correlation to how we treat others in our ministry, our loved ones, and our community.

A note: Saint Paul is no Jesus, so his teachings, while blessed, are not Divine. We have to understand Paul in the context of his time, place and culture to be able to FULLY understand his writings and thoughts. During the time of Paul attitudes towards women were very restrictive and Paul is a product of that time and that attitude is expressed in his writing. The Church even advises us when we read Scriptures to ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and understanding when reading; especially anything other than the Gospels.

With that said let’s look at Merciful Forgiveness by how often Jesus used corporal punishment toward anyone who came to him for healing, sought his wisdom, begged for a loved to be healed or raised from the dead, those wounded souls burden by demons or sin; I count 0, ZIP, NONE, NEVER. There will be those who will say: “But Jesus whipped those people in the temple!” You sure about that, the reading says he drove them out very different thing.  So I am putting my money on the big guy: Jesus….so if Jesus never laid a hand on someone in anger then neither will I.

Now for the 60 Million dollar spiritual concept: How you view God is how you deal (and view) with the world!  There are two basic ways of viewing God: Strong gentle authority…..very New Testament, or as a revengeful avenger…..VERY Old Testament. And Pat Roberts is VERY old school, very OT……very under the law, so his view of the world is restricted to man is sinful and unworthy; God punishes first asks questions later.


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