Deeper Spiritual Issues

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By examining past decisions, situations and choices to see how they affect your life you can begin to see how God is calling you to achieve your best.

Spiritual Direction can and does address spiritual-emotional issues like:

Reconciling decisions, losses, regrets Vocation of Motherhood:
  • Fear of losing faith in life, God, self
  • Pregnancy concerns: post-abortive issues, miscarriage, infertility
  • Creating connections with God and others
  • Mothering issues: fearing parenting inadequacies, single parenting, parenting difficulties
  • * Working woman: Balancing family, work, God
  • Woman’s cycles of Life: Mary of the Nativity, Mary of the Temple, Mary of
  • Exploring our Baptismal roles: Priest = Nurturer, Prophet = Teacher and Queen = Guide

* All women are working women

Spiritual Direction seeks to guide you toward a deeper understanding of you who are in God’s eyes.

Spiritual Directors do not cure, coerce or judge, but help you to work toward wholeness

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