Patience is a Virtue Count Down to Christmas Day 2

Many years ago when my hubby and I were first married I made our Advent wreath. It was the traditional green “evergreen boughs”, green garland, ( I like sparkly stuff), covering a styrofoam circle with craft poinsettia flowers and leaves indicating where the candle were to be placed. It lasted through four children who wanted to put the candles in, really push them in until they would snap….awww….it was something I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying: “Don’t be so tough, don’t push down so hard…don’t..don’t…don’t. When the twins came along we had to keep a chart of who did what so there wouldn’t be any fighting over someone getting to do the “fun” chore of blowing out the candles, or putting them into the wreath in the first place.

1202121626 Now that our boys are out of the house and the twinnies are 17, it is a much calmer affair, so I decided last year to throw the old wreath out and make a new one. I love Advent. The calm that it can be as you wait for Christ. Our children have watched as our neighbours put up lights. We would go over and compliment them on their displays and our children would begin when can we put stuff up?! Pink Candle Sunday, and only Pink Candle Sunday! No matter how much cajoling and reason I received from anyone would it have any affect at changing my mind. Patience was a virtue one that must be practiced to become habit. We may have done Christmas crafts, or made presents but nothing went up, those went with all the other decorations waiting for Pink Candle Sunday. I thought it was important for children to learn to wait. My thinking was if all around is losing their minds over the materialism of Christmas it doesn’t mean you get to join in.

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