Let’s Talk about Pride Baby

Mommy Mantra for November 5, 2012: “Lord, my heart is not proud.” (Psalm 131:1)  Let’s talk about pride.  Like anger it is often misunderstood.

There are two categories of pride: The one that builds up and the other that tears down.

Certainly as parents we have been filled with pride for our children.  When they have taken to heart all we have taught them and are using to benefit others we take pride in that.   We have pride in our country.  We have pride in a job well done.  All these things are meant to build up.  We see the goodness in others.

The other pride tears down:

The uninhibited pride:  Think of the Housewives of _________.  Those people who have to show off wealth to make themselves look good.  This pride blocks any type of relationship because it is elitist.

Wounded pride:  Jane Austen first used this term in her novel Pride and Prejudice to describe how one feels when something does not go your way.  This pride blocks relationships because it does not allow for honest communication between each other; the slighted person holds on to hurt in the hopes of controlling the other.

Stubborn pride: When you are just too stubborn to let it go.  This of course blocks relationship because you feel justified in your hurt.  This pride makes you the victim, someone that others can pity.

False pride: This pride does not care what others think, or for their needs, it’s all about you baby.  This pride blocks relationships because there is little care for anyone else.

Pious pride: This pride comes from the mistaken belief that you have all the answers.  Like the Pharisees there is a need to look righteous.  This pride blocks relationships because there is no room for fault and if fault is found the pious person takes it as an opportunity to tear the other person down to “build them back up.”


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