Spiritual Pain/Illness is REAL

I am a spiritual director who, like so many women, has survived sexual violence come out of it stronger through the love of my hubby and the help of a very good faith filled counselor.

I am a mom with trust issues both spiritual and emotional that had to learn to be the best mom God called me to be with prayer and hard work; not wanting or leaving my children the same legacy that I inherited: one of an overly enmeshed relationship with my mother. I have had to learn to relinquish control because I was not called to be mom at the age of 11 to my own mother so that I could be a balanced mom who knew when to let go.

God has called me to be many things all of them to help women in crisis: a Catholic Social Worker, a Director of Project Rachel – the post abortive ministry for women, and a Director of Religious Education. All of these to help form the woman I am today, now I just need to go out and do it, bring love and peace to hurting seeking moms.

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