Gathering of All Souls

Saint Ruadhán

Saint Ruadhán (Photo credit: Fergal of Claddagh)

Mommy Mantra for November 2, 2012: The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. Wis 3:1

As I tell my fourth grade Religious Ed. classes every year we are saints with the little s, but our call is to become saints with the big S.

Today we take comfort in the fact that those who have died will soon be seeing the Lord and living with Him forever. Their suffering is ended, and now we can rejoice in their new life.We have a custom in our house that we “carry around Mom and Dad”, my in-laws, to every family gathering we have. Each year our parish has a Mass for the departed of that year and when Mass is over you can come and take the candles that had been burning for them. So we have the two candles from those Masses and we take them with us at every gathering. Before we say grace we light the candles. It is the symbolic hope that Mom and Dad are with us to celebrate those happy occasions. It also gives us an opportunity to share funny, touching, stories of them.

We get a time to reminisce about our relationship with them, and how that relationship helped form who we have become today. We share their stories because like the Saints our relatives have much to teach us about faith. The stories of their lives we share, just as we share the stories of the Big S saints, tells of the everyday experience of God within our midst. The story of our relationship can teach us a great deal about our relationship with God.

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