“Do I come eager to receive real, life-changing grace every time I approach the table of the Lord? Or have I lowered my expectations?”

English: Steeple of St. James Catholic Church ...

English: Steeple of St. James Catholic Church in Chicago, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the question that is posed on the site The Word Among Us and the mediation for today’s first reading: Galatians 5:1-6.

The readings have been from Paul’s letter to the Churches in Galatia.  Paul is a Jewish convert to Christianity and he is speaking to Gentiles in those churches who were never exposed to Mosaic law and have come to believe that to be good followers they must be like good Jews.  Paul is trying very hard to convince them that this is not the case, that God does not require it of them as he had of the Jews; to the Church in Galatia that sounds like a double standard.

That got me thinking; double standard/lower expectations seem very much the same to me: let me explain.

If you follow Catholic issues the one I find fascinating is the changes to the Mass.  Some people see the changes to the Roman Missal, and the Mass, as we going backwards, and those who are far more fundamental, I am thinking here of the  Sede Vacante groups, who believe that the Catholic Church has thrown the baby out with the bathwater, don’t see the change as enough to bring the Church back!

The issue is not is the Church going too far, or far enough; it is how do we/you/me view your/our/my call to faith?

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