Not everyone has a hubby

Mother and baby

Mother and baby (Photo credit: ECohen)

I have so many wonderful sister moms that do this vocation of mothering all by themselves.  So, who do they cling to.  I know a mom who lost her husband when her eldest child was 18 months and she was three months pregnant with their second child.  It was such a shock to lose someone you love so suddenly and so young: they were both in their twenties, just starting their lives together!

She had family to gather around her, she was very lucky and blessed to have family; not everyone is/does!  So, who do you cling to when you are alone?

For many single moms it means creating a family of their choosing.  Building a community of people who will be there for them: Ruth and Naomi come to mind.

In Hebrew the name Naomi means “my gracious one” or “my delight”; Ruth, meaning “friend.”  What appropriate qualities to look for when finding those to whom to cling: ones who will be gracious, a delight and who will be friend.

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