English: Mother and child.

English: Mother and child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one flesh. Gn 2:18-24


I was rereading last Sunday’s readings and the passage above, especially: and the two of them become one flesh jumped right out at me as if it was written for ME; I know I have heard this passage at many a wedding, but now as a mother it takes on a very different perspective.


As I always say the Bible is an ever living word and it has specific things to say to us over time, and this passage speaks to me as a mother.  It is the word cling that speaks to my soul.  When we first marry of course we cling to our husband, and as our marriage create children we can slowly begin to cling to our children.  How many times have you heard someone say: “Boy, she, (mom’s name here), really changed after having kids!”  My father-in-law had this very talk with his son, my hubby, when my hubby was a teen.  I don’t remember why they got on that subject but it was such a pressing point that my father-in-law had to say this to his son.


When my hubby related the story to me I was dealing with young children and NEVER thought that that would EVER happen to me; all the while, as I look back, I was engaging into what I call the mommy warp — children’s need stucking you deeper and deeper in and away from your calling/marriage/self.  Remember when you held your little one right after birth; all the sudden rush of love…


That is the start of the warp.  I am not saying don’t fall in love with your child, just don’t FALL IN LOVE with your child and forget to cling to your husband!  It is such an insidious trap this mommy wrap: Our children are so small, vulnerable, needy but it is our marriage that is the foundation of our lives.


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