Our twinnies are the last of our children at home. Fall/beginning of school always puts me into a more reflective mood.   Having children preparing to leave the nest is a time to rejoice on all that God has done for them, for me, my hubby, our family.

Have there been struggles, find me a family without struggles; I know of only one; and they lost their son on a family outing, find him in the synagogue!

Are there things my hubby and I wish we had done better, no one goes through life without some regret, it is how you grow, learn from it and move on to a more positive future that is what God wants from us.

And sending our children out to school always reminds me that we are always called to seek to grow more positive, knowing that God is always working to help us turn our lives, situations, selves around.  He did it with Saul, who became Paul, think he can do it with us as well!

Life may have uncertainties, but it is always good.


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