We want our daughters to grow up to be Queens, but is being a princess bad???

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom, also known a...

We, as Catholic women, are baptized Priest, Prophet and Queen to follow in the mission of Jesus, to bring the Kingdom to earth. We are charged to do acts of faith, hope and love for everyone we met, but that means we have to teach those values and convictions to our children.

I thought this video was very interesting, done by a team of dads they examine parenting issues from a male perspective; the videos are often humourous and always thought provoking. This particular video asks a question that seems very relative considering what is being presented to our daughters as examples of how to be a girl and grow up to be a young woman.

We have Snookie who supposedly has said that she will not change diapers/nappies because they are dirty and gross and that is why you have maids and nannies – really???

Than there are the Kardashian clan…what can I say to that?

Our girls look up to these women and many others and it is our job to instill in them a sense of how they are as daughters of God. That we love them for being the unique and wonderful people God as created, not for their looks, but for who they are.

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