Thursday Mommy Mantra: Who do YOU say that I am?


“But who do you say that I am? Mt 16: 15

Today Jesus is asking a profound question of all of us: But who do you (your name here) say that I am?

For some the answer will come quickly: Lord, King of the Universe!

I think Jesus would give us, what our children call the hairy eyeball, but a gentle one!  He rebukes  Peter for saying what anyone of us would say: “God Forbid anything should happen to you!”  Jesus snaps at Peter, saying that Peter is acting like Satan and trying to direct him away from his purpose.  I bet Peter was a little embarrassed and chagrined.  I don’t think Peter meant anything by what he said, just a common expression of love, concern and hope that Jesus will be around for a long time.

And maybe that is what made Jesus snap at him, it was more of a look you don’t get it now but you will!  So if we quickly answer do we really get Jesus, or will he be giving us the gentle hairy eyeball?  Do we really know Jesus if we just respond with a trained response?

Jesus really wants us to take the time to think about who Jesus is to US.  How do WE see him.  And it is a very important question for God to ask and so it only be to our benefit to sit and think about who Jesus is to us for a while, a day, a week.  if we do not know who Jesus is how can we hear him when he talks to us?


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