It hurts my heart

Isn’t just for the young

It hurts my heart so much when I read so much conspiracy theory junk about the Catholic church, or how society is against us.

On the church conspiracy theories: Don’t we have faith in God? Or do we just want an excuse to bash the church? Are we worshiping an human institution and therefore we are always going to be upset, or disappointed, or angry at what we believe is going on. Isn’t our faith based on Christ? And if that is true than why worry what the puny little human beings are doing?

Yes there are troubles in the Church: Its filled with Human Beings. We can leave the Church and say see ya later! or we can pray, work, fight for what is right within our Church.

On society going to h_ck in a hand basket, aren’t we responsibility for how society is created or are we just sheep? If we don’t like something vote to make a difference. If we don’t believe that our vote will do anything, than pray for change, join an organization that fits our nature and work with them. WE CREATE SOCIETY. But here is the rub, so does everyone else, and we can only change our LITTLE corner of society; we have to let go of the thought that we are Omnipotent ones, that job is already taken.

As for me. I would believe that God is in his/her heave and all is right with the world.

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