It is done: Final chapter, Now you know all about me

I found the blog Brother Priests, they had a series of articles on the Priesthood and the role of all the faithful, even women. I replied to one of their posting, they went to my blog read the post when I was younger, and a conversation started.

Here is my reply to their post that I can still be a priest it will just take imagination:

Fathers, I am glad you at least recognize that my desire was, is and always will be real. I thank you for that. But unlike Saint Thérèse I am not seeking martyrdom but, as a wife, mother, and spiritual director, I am seeking to help mothers feel a sense of ownership for their faith, life, calling. Many moms I journey with have a sense that the Church only sees them as wombs, or as always being in crisis: project Rachel/Rachel’s Vineyard, Saint Elizabeth project, these moms feel great disappointment that they are second class citizens, even as they are pointed toward examples of female saints.

Many of these moms are struggling with the thought of leaving the church becoming Lutheran or Anglican, feeling their talents, desires and sex, will be better appreciated and eagerly put to use.

If you had reader further in the post you would have known that I have come to understand my role as priest: Priest = nurture, Prophet = teacher, and Queen = leader. As moms we are, as the Orthodox Catholics will say, priest of the home. Still there is an issue of second class citizenship that women face. Ministries that serve moms spiritual/emotional needs are few and far between. And that is shameful for a Church that supposedly champions Mary as the Theotokos. It is an issue the Church skirts around, deflects, and hopes women/moms will just leave allow.

This has become my priesthood mission! Moms are struggling hoping that the church will recognize, as other denominations, do that women/moms are the basis, backbone, supporters of the faith. Without them the Church is nothing!

Is a spiritual director working helping moms find God in the everyday. She has been a spiritual director since 1998: worked as a Director of Religious Education for Holy Cross Parish(2000-2005), was Director of Project Rachel, a healing ministry for Post Abortive women(1999-2000). Patty worked a social worker for Catholic Social Services (1988 - 1995) Then studied for spiritual direction at the Dominican Center of Religious Studies, DeWitt Michigan

She is married 20 years and has four children

She has a BS/BA in social work from Aquinas College, CSD Certified Spiritual Director

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