What I learned from Twitter…..

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

….or how it can be an occasion of sin: the sin of intolerance.

Happy are the people whom the Lord have chosen to be His own!

I am always on Twitter, love Twitter, but there is something else about Twitter: Those who take it upon themselves to lord over those that they do not feel are as intelligent as themselves and therefore they become master of the realm.  We all know who they are.

Now its not the views that bother me but the attitude; the holier than thou.  Many of them think that they MUST defend the faith, that’s fine, but remember that there are many who love that same faith but have a more open-minded attitude and its not wrong!

The lesson I am constantly relearning is the one of tolerance.  When I am confronted with those I believe have become sanctimonious, just as they believe me to be ignorant of my faith, I want to MAKE them believe as I do, just as they demand the same of me. What this becomes is a competition of whose beliefs are right, the closest to what God wants, to what the Pope wants, as they see it.   God loves us all.

Happy are those people you, (God), has chosen; all of them: Liberal, Fundamental,  Woman, Man!  So the lesson is to let go of the want to control someone else and how they experience God, to allow them to experience God as they are called.  I will not allow someone to decide what I am thinking and therefore tell me I am wrong based on no evidence but their own prejudice.  Also I will stop any communication with someone who brings out the same in me.

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