Life is a series of choices

Critic Housewife posted on her blog a wonderful picture of a model who was 41 years of age and looked fantastic! The blog post and the model Stella Tennant sparked my creative juices!  I thought immediately about how our attitude about how we think of ourselves is shown on our faces, in our person and through our actions.

At a time when I felt
like a nothing

When I made the conscious choice
to start living

Look at the picture of me, yes, those are both of me. The one on the right is me when I was in the depth of a deep emotional and spiritual depression. I have battled with depression since I was 13 and at many points on my life have triumphed over it, but there are times when I do slip back. The slips are further and further apart, and last only a little while but they do come.

The picture on the left is me just a month or two ago.

Life is a series of choices. And if we make no choice, I have done often in my life by saying I give-up on me and my calling,  that is still a choice.   Being depressed is hard on everyone, getting better and coping with spiritual/emotional depression takes a conscious choice, the help of good professionals, the love of family and the willingness to know that God does LOVE you!

Motherhood can take a toll on us emotionally and spiritually but that doesn’t mean that we are less, or worthless, our lives do have purpose, we are God’s. But it is the constant reminder we must give ourselves everyday, even in the midst, that we’re loved, we do have purpose, that God did not abandon us.

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