Julie Lupien Short Term Mission Conference 11-...

Peter began to say to Jesus, “We have given up everything and followed you.” Mark 10: 28

You have to be kidding! Give up everything!  That is impossible!  It is impossible to give up everything: Home, parents, friends, children; but for those who are CALLED to do that Jesus promises you will receive 100 fold. I think about my aunt who was an IHM nun until her death.  She gave up everything but found a life she loved.  I am thinking of the e3 Partners Ministry families to go on mission trips, they don’t give up their entire life they do give up modern comforts for a while.  I am thinking of the family who choose to live frugally.

Each of these examples are individuals answers Jesus’ call to follow him completely.  If you look at each of these examples there is a choice that is being made: What is God calling me to do, give up, how to live.  How much is God calling me to give up, to become, to be.  God is asking us to give up everything to follow him.  And for those of us called to the most radical of choices praise be.

As moms we must look at what Jesus is calling us to give up, what burden is weighing in on our soul that is making fully follow Jesus difficult.   We are being called to look our lives and see what things are holding us back; what unnecessary toys do we have that are keeping us from engaging in life?

That is what Jesus is truly asking us to be: Fully. Engaged. In. Life.

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