Will I take Me to be My Lawful

Nadine Schweigert Woman Marries Herself

The Facebook group: Friends of Ricki had the most interesting question: Would you marry yourself.  The question was promoted by the conversation Nadine Schweigert had with  Anderson Copper.

I remember when Nadine Schweigert married herself. So I thought I would answer the facebook question and join in the conversation.  Here is what I said when asked this question:  Many of you say no, (to marrying yourself), but what about YOU would you marry YOU for? Let’s keep this going!

My answer: Hard question, especially if you said no to marrying yourself! I can tell you what my hubby married me for: Because he saw great potential in me. He saw past the woundedness of my childhood, (alcoholic dad people pleasing/clingy mom) and teen years, (raped three times). Looked past my spiritually and emotionally unsupportive family to see the woman I would become with much help from professionals to free me from my past. We had rough times, but we created a married life that is strong and supportive. We have four children, we miscarried one, that we have raised to be fine young people. We are now at a time in our lives where we can look back and see the path we were on, and feel proud of what we did.