My God Ain’t No Wimp!

This is a picture of our eldest twinnie holding hands with one of her good friends as they walk in the winter rain during the March For Life this past January in Washington DC.  That trip was her third.

Last year, her sophomore year, she was nominated to be the Youth Representative for the Legislative Day to speak with Michigan House and Representatives on the issue of abortion.

Our Twinnie has a great passion for this issue.  She has been known to spend hours with girls who think they might be in “trouble.”  She has counseled girls who are in trouble.  She has prayed hours of rosaries for healing those effected by abortions at vigils for Post Abortive women.

Our Twinnie has an iPod Touch, a portable DVD player, laptop, and all the other trappings of teenagehood.  But these were things she earned, not just given to her.  Her Father and I take the responsibility of raising our children quite seriously.  We create in our home the society we want our children to live when they leave us.

To say every teen is a selfish brat is to color all teens with a dirty brush, and it is not fair!  We have conditioned ourselves to believe that the world is going to Heck in a hand-basket.  And if we believe that; than God is a wimp, and my God ain’t NO WIMP!

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