This cartoon was posted by someone on my Facebook page.  These kinds of cartoons really burn my cookies.  They seem to want to blame the kids for how they turn out, as if the parents have no say in what happens to them.  If we go around saying what can we do our kids are so influenced by society we have no control over them, it’s all society’s fault, does that take us off the hook for how we raise children?  Does that give us a pass on how our children behave!

WE make society, society isn’t forced on us!  And if it is well shame on us!

God has called us to be Priest, Prophet and Queen and what are we doing to make sure our families know we are PPQ!  We are called to create society, create the family we want, to be co-creates with God!

5 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Not all kids are the stereotype that the cartoon suggests. This cartoon was posted by a Facebook follower who has never had children. I hope she KNOWS that there are many, many, many wonderful and selfless teens out there, even teens with iPhones and iPad, who love God and love their neighbour

  2. My attempt at a joke. Yes-teens do get misunderstood and stereotyped. And as a mom of 4 of them, it boils down to what a parent puts into them-in my opinion.

  3. 🙂 Amen sister! Its like the old saying when computers first came out: Garbage in, garbage out. What we put in our kids we get out

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