Monday’s child is fair of face

Our Second Son is 21 today.  He was our only child born at night; he came into the world at 12:40 AM after a long day of labour.  It was Sunday and we, as our small family of three, went to mass that morning.  Arriving home we, my hubby and I, went out to the back garden and discussed what we wanted to do for plants, and my back began to hurt, well its starting.

My hubby was home from a week business trip and then off again in a week’s time, so there was just a small window for our second to come into the world where his dad was going to be home.  That night we had family and friends over to play cards and have some fun.  My labour was progressing, but labour was never too bad.  At ten my hubby helped me into the car and off we went to the hospital.  We settled into our room and waited for our doctor to arrive and our son.  We were waiting for the doctor, where was he?  I was doing all the Lamaze I knew to keep things at a stand still as we waited for our doctor, the doctor I trusted, who knew me.   We waited.  Still no doctor, maybe an emergency was keeping him.  The resident came in and said we couldn’t wait much longer….pooh…I wanted my doctor not a resident, but it couldn’t be helped.

Nick came into the world at 12:40, and if we hadn’t tried to wait for our doctor his birthday may have been May 19th.

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