Why Does God Talk In Riddles

If you are a disciple you have to be scratching your head about what Jesus is saying: “A little while and you will no longer see me, and again a little while later and you will see me.” John 16: 17

Doesn’t it seem sometimes that God is talking in riddles? Why is it that the Divine of Our Lives must be so confusing?

I have trouble sometimes understanding what God is saying and doing in my life. Often I have to wait for the answer to become clear. But waiting is never easy for many of us, we want it right now!

I remember my mother telling me that patience was a virtue that must be practiced. As a young girl I would give her the same “hairy-eyeball” my girls give me; the one that says right, like you know what you’re talking about! Patience is not easy and when we have a difficulty in our lives that is the last thing we want, be patient, it will be alright in time, sounds like such a crock!

But in the Divine’s time line it is the only thing that is true. Patience is the only response to many things that come our way. We must riddle out the riddle of our lives.

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4 thoughts on “Why Does God Talk In Riddles

  1. I hear ya’! Everyone of us could use encouraging ever once in a while. After all when we en-courage, we give courage to others!

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