The rest is an argument over trifles

Elizabeth I of England, (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603), once said to  her Privy Council: There is only one Jesus Christ. The rest is an argument over trifles. She had seen the result of religious extremism, and what it did to a nation.

While there is a great deal of wisdom in Elizabeth’s statement I would add that we need to respect others faith traditions and faith expressions, with out that we will only have battles over those things that are different than what we ourselves believe.  Even in shared faith traditions there is no shared consensus, so why not show respect and not let our need to be right take over!

The reason I don’t get flipped over people who are Baptist, or Pagan, or Spiritual, or Mormon, or Islāmic, or Buddhist, and all the others,  is that God create them all.

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