Time Cover Controversy

Read Will she feel exploited, sexualized?

I posted my disgusted about the objectifying of motherhood on FaceBook and got these responses:

Maureen Wittmann Umm, I’m all for breastfeeding. I never had a problem with public breastfeeding or nursing a 3 1/2 year old, but this picture is not a natural pose at all. It’s just creepy and, yes, tacky.

Nancy Brandt I did extended breastfeeding and NOT ONCE was I in that position. Why does the media and society have to turn God’s gifts into abnormalities?   My husband and I teach Natural Family Planning to mostly engaged couples and we always encourage breastfeeding as a natural, healthy type of baby care. We try to let them see that there’s nothing “weird” about it.

WalternEmily Crawford · Friends with Maureen Wittmann I like one comment made in the article — I feel sorry for the kid when he gets into middle school.  And Patricia, you are spot on.
72M Magazine Oh dear. It’s not the attachment parenting that raises an eyebrow. Lots of people do it. You are right in that it’s ‘cleverly’ posed to cause controversy and there are sexual overtones, the photographer knows it and I think she’s savvy enough to know it too.

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