Can you dig it!!!

“As the Father loves me, so I also love you.” (John 15:9) Can you dig it!!!   Do you grasp what that means!  Of course we can’t we are after all only human, but God loves us, truly, deeply does!  No matter what we have done, or will do, or will ever do, God loves us!

Human love is a fickle thing it can be turned by the simplest of things. It can be destroyed by the most horrendous of acts; but God’s love is complete.  He is with us in those times when we are hurt, destroyed by love.  He cries with us when we cry and hopes with us when we try again.

Human love is conditional.  We put conditions on love all the time; some of them are needed: You will treat me with respect, not belittle me or harm me so I can continue to love you.  But Jesus, was beaten, whipped, scourged and still he love us deeply, did it for us, took that pain on for us, no questions asked.  Some conditions are meant to keep others in their place:  You don’t do this I will not do that, but you better still love me!  Jesus gave freely of himself, spent time with those people no body would ever invite into their homes.

Human is often blind to both the good and the bad.  But Jesus saw everyone as they truly were.  When God created us he called our creation good.

But there is an interesting caveat: Love God with your whole mind, whole soul, and love your neighbour as yourself.  So, if human love is not perfect but God loves us perfectly we should try to love as completely as we can;  we are being called to look yet again at look at how well do we love ourselves because that will tell us how much we can love our neighbour and through that God.

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