Show Me the Money

I never saw Jerry Maguire, but I do know the famous line: the show me the money line, I think everyone does; and if the Scriptures where written today than Philip and James may have been yelling Show Me the Father!!!

In the movie Jerry has become disgruntled with all he sees going on around him and he fights to create a better life for himself.  He wants to create a world in which he can live with greater integrity than he has found.  It is the same for Philip and James.  Jesus has chosen both men because of what he saw in them, and they have been with him for years, still they do not fully understand Jesus or who he is.  They have to take that huge step outside of themselves and trust what they believe, trust in the things unseen.

We too have been chosen, called, selected for what we are doing in life.  Like Jerry we can recreate our lives anew.  Like Phillip and James we must come to realize that what we see isn’t the entire story.