Walking on Water

Can we walk on water?  Jesus walks on the water but look carefully at the Gospel this is not the story of Peter walking out to Jesus.  In this morning’s reading the walking is just simply referred to as: After Jesus had fed the five thousand men, his disciples saw him walking on the sea. John 6: 22

Can you imagine what the apostles must have been thinking?  What the heck?!  They must have blinked their eyes to clear them, trying to shake out the impossible they are seeing.  But the impossible they are seeing!

What is Jesus doing walking on the water, what message is he trying to tell his followers.  It is that the impossible is possible, and we all have the power to do it, we will learn that later with Peter’s trying to walk at Jesus’ urging.  For us when we look at the water all we see are the sharks and the depth, none of the possible.  But with Jesus he does not see any of that he just knows in his heart that He is the power to do the impossible, that faith in one’s self, faith in your calling and dreams will help you walk on the water, just don’t look down!

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