Earth Day/Earth Mother

Every Image of an Earth Mother, we see a woman who must have had more than one child.  She is not the Hollywood mother thin, she is full figured gal.

As you know from the blog you know that in College I was exploring my feminist nature and I read the book When God was a Woman, no really I devoured this book.  It was an eye opening book and it made me angry that “male” based religion was so fearful of woman; fearful of the life giving power of women, of the sexual nature of woman.  This was during a time when I was beginning to deal with my own “male” based issues.  It was very easy to say that I don’t want anything of a male originated faith, what does religion have for me!

I had to remember that Mary is Co-redemptrix.  I had to remember that I was worthy of God, that Mary was/is not a whiny little woman-child who did whatever she was told to do, she was powerful and had made her decision on her own.  I had to remember that the Earth Mother was not some goof who sat around eating granola, she was powerful.  I still have problems with my beloved Catholic Church.  I have to fight to have my potion, my power.  I have to fight with my thoughts that I weak and as a woman I not worthy.  I have to create my own reality of who I am, based on the truth of the spiritual power of women, of the time when God was a woman!

This Earth Day I won’t be celebrating the fertility of the Earth but how women/mothers are the true fertility and that women/mother are the true soul of faith, hearts of the home, protectors of life.

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