Hatred and Fear Comes to Lansing

From the Westboro Baptist Church website there is a notice of a picket of Eastern High School:

Eastern High School in Lansing, MI April 23, 2012 7:15 AM – 7:45 AM
Eastern High School 220  N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Lansing, MI 48912

This school is a representative for April 23 of all the high schools of Doomed america. You sit those babes in those classrooms, CLUELESS babes, CLUELESS at YOUR hands, and teach them how to go to hell. They WILL go to hell, and their blood will be required at the hands of their parents, preachers, elders, teachers, leaders, etc. ALL who touch their lives. They will spend eternity with said teachers and peers and you will all gnaw your tongues for pain and you will mock each other and you will curse each other and you will NEVER repent, even then. Details on that can be read at Isaiah 14 and other places in the Bible that your parents STOLE from you!

What more to say, better than the words of this parody, for these young people, except we at WBC are so very sorry that your parents/teachers, etc have done you this way. WBC parents will be standing by with words of Life and Health and Peace and Safety if you would hear and heed. If not, we have only one desire, Heavenly Father, thy will be done!

Westboro believes that they are following God’s calling in their lives; but are they?  For Westboro the very people that Jesus would have  spent time in their home, eaten with them, brought the Love of God to; are the very people they find disguising.  Jesus ever says that he came not for the righteous, those who believed themselves “holier than Thou”.  No.  Jesus came for those who needed Him, those who felt lost, sinful/wounded.  Jesus knew that to try and convince, convert was not going to do anything, it would close more minds than it opened.

All Saints Episcopal Church in East Lansing is calling for the community to create a Wall Of Love, and this is the best response to WBC.  This wounded “faith” community has lost its way and we need to pray and love them back to the fold.  Jesus came to support, encourage those who were hurting, lost, alone; to be open to others let them open themselves to life.  WBC, as they are called, are the righteous.  They are too holier than Thou: too Holy for even the God of love, because they know what God wants: Hatred.  For them God is hate, God hates, God IS hate.  God is hate, because WCB hates, fears, and wants to create a world that is only acceptable to them.  This must make God weep, love is what God IS.

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