It is mercy I desire, and not sacrifice.

Sister Moms have you ever felt like everything you, everything, you did as a mom was just wrong!

As moms we all make mistakes.  But prayer, thought, seeking of knowledge and help is what God asks of us.  He does not want us to wallow in the past.  Wallow is the hurt of our hearts at what we have done.  He asks us to be strong, 2Tim 1-7, strong.














Mommy Mantra October 14, 2014: Gal 5: 1-6 “… stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery”
Paul speaks right to the heart of the matter, he is saying to the early Church don’t get caught up in the law it will only draw you away from what is important: Christ.

One of the many things that can draw us, as moms, away from Christ: the pursuit of perfectionism. There is no perfect mom. That is a myth that needs to die. The only thing it will lead to is competition. And competition leads to envy, which leads to gossip, which leads to superiority.

None of these are remotely helpful, Christian, or loving.

Spiritual Practice Tuesday: Gratitude

mottoSpiritual Practice Tuesday: Gratitude. In Scripture we see gratitude quite often; especially after someone has been healed, or a prayer answered. Break the word done to it’s component parts and you find that it means the state of being pleased, the state of thankfulness.

So who is thankful or pleased? First there is God who was pleased when we were made: Eph. 2:10. Secondly the examples of those who realized they had been healed or answered. This is an important group. These men and women understood who God/Jesus was, they got it: the giver of all good gifts.

For us to have gratitude we must acknowledge the gift and the giver.
And our gifts are not always what we expect. Some gifts come by way of lessons or situations which require us to move forward, release something giving it to God, or to gain something making us stronger. Look even closer, do you see the root of grace in gratitude?

Every Mass, every sacrament we participate in helps us build gratitude for what we have been given; even in those Mommy Moments when we step on yet another logo, or have a teen who considers chores not part of the parent child agreement.

I’ll pray for you, please pray for me


Saturday October 5, 2013 Inspirational Photo

598637_628673137155903_1354004392_n Luke 10: 17-24.

The 72 have returned with joy.  They have done what they have been given the power to do: heal, preach and what is the main focus of this Mommy Mantra; defeated the devil.

The Gospel of Luke says the 72 returned with their eyes ablaze, with such great excitement they could not contain themselves.

I say this photo on my FB timeline and thought of us immediately.  We are the 72 who are going to go out into the world and return with our eyes ablaze!

Spiritual Resource Thursday

An Excerpt from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim: A Personal Manual for Prayer and Ritual by Father Edward Hays

This is a devotional treasurehouse with prayers modeled on all traditions and rituals based on everyday activities. Here is a Christian prayer for zeal.

A Prayer for Zeal

Implant within my heart, O God,
the fiery zeal of a Jeremiah,
the conviction of a Ruth or Rebecca
and the zest of a Francis of Assisi.

Stir my slumbering soul,
that it might sing a song of passion and devotion,
drunk with dancing joy and desire for you,
my divine and loving Friend.
May my heart be a hot as the heart of Moses
for all your children burdened by slavery,
for all who feel oppression’s steely heel
or suffer rejection in an alien land.

May I, like your son Jesus,
be consumed with zeal for you, Divine Beloved,
for life, for justice and for peace;
for all that I know in faith.

Fill me with zeal, O God.

Mommy Mantra for October 1, 2013

Mommy Mantra for October 1, 2013: Do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them? (Luke 9:54)

There are days when our children are fighting and there is more child-drama then a Real Housewife episode that we as moms we want to call down fire from heaven to consume them. But just as Jesus rebuked the disciples he asks us, warns, tells us, maybe even rebukes to take a moments, maybe many, many moments to relax look at the situation and deal with it in strength and peace.

Something easier said than done.

Mommy Mantra for September 29, 2013: Luke 9: 46-50

a little child)
Put yourself in the arms of Jesus as he lifts you up

Jesus brings young children to him and to our modern sensibility we think how cute. Not so, in Jesus’ time children were loved, yes, but they were property. Our modern idea of children and childhood would be so foreign to the people of Jesus’ time that they could not begin to understand it.

So for Jesus to call over small children and say to get to heaven you have to be like one of these, well there must have been a lot of head scratching.

Think about it. No matter the era children are by nature trusting. They blinding trust someone will feed them, cloth them, care for them. Even when this is not true and children are in homes of neglect they still trust. They trust until they learn not to.

It takes a great deal to break a child’s trust. As years go on and things happen children lose trust and it is difficult to put that genie back in the bottle.

Prayers seem to go unanswered, promises get broken so we assume no-one cares. That is broken trust when we assume no-one cares.

Jesus says be like a young child who always hopes in a better tomorrow.

Mommy Mantra for September 28, 2013: Pay attention to what I am telling you. (Luke 9:44)

mom's examen 2013Mommy Mantra for September 28, 2013: Pay attention to what I am telling you. (Luke 9:44)

Friday, Jesus asked who do we think he is. And at times it sounds like who do you think I am; almost as if he is asking us do we think he is someone who does magic tricks instead of someone who is God of our life. He is very insistent that we pay attention; look around our lives/situations/events/relationships for evidence of his working in our lives. He is going to the cross. Going to suffer and die. He wants us to see how his suffering will free us from fearing our own. He wants us to see the glory. He wants us to see.