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On the Yahoo! Chat, , where questions about motherhood and
spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for reflection, or just learn more about Spiritual Direction can be asked.

Begin the exploration of Spiritual Direction by taking the Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment to learn more about one’s spiritual self and how knowing oneself better empowers relationships, family, and calling. Than consider sessions of Spiritual Direction either online or in person.

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You can combine both individual sessions of spiritual direction, as well as membership:

  • Individual Sessions of Spiritual Direction: $60.00 per hour session
  • Yearly Membership of Spiritual Lives Of Women: $60.00 without sessions of Spiritual Direction
  • Individual Month Membership of Spiritual Lives Of Women: $5.00 per month
  • Combined Sessions and yearly Membership: $90.00 (a 20% discount with a trial period of 2 months)
  • 2 Trial sessions of Spiritual Direction Free
  • 1 Trial Month of Membership Free

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