Patty Perkowski: CSD: (Mothering is a calling)

Like you I am a mom.  We have four children two sons and twin daughters.  My hubby and I met in college and have been married over 20 years!  Together we have been through sick preemie girls, rebellious teens, sleepless nights, and time on our knees.What has kept us going through all of this?    

Belief that God is always with us, and that prayer does work, and has.

Professional Association:

Workshop Presenter for:

  • Head Start
  • Family Growth Centers
  • Saint Casimir Parish
  • Diocese of Lansing; Post Abortion Issues Workshops for:
    • Retreat Leaders
    • Deacons
    • Support Group Leader
  • Freedom Conference
  • Common Conference Lansing Diocese

Support Group Creator for:

  • Family Growth Center
  • Holy Cross Parish
  • Saint Casimir Parish

Other Credentials:

  • Home Visiting Social Worker with Catholic Social Service  1987 – 2000
  • Mother Mentor for Child Abuse Prevention Service  1990 – 2000
  • Director of a Catholic Woman’s Ministry: Project Rachel  1999 – 2005 (Until its changing ministry focus)
  • Director of Religious Education – Holy Cross Parish  2005 – 2009 (Until its closing in June of ’09)
  • Creating Family/Mother’s Ministry for – Saint Casimir Parish  2009 – Present

Personal Belief Statement:

  • I believe that the greatest interpersonal search we make is the one that defines us as spiritual beings.

All Organizations Sited, unless otherwise, Lansing, Michigan

As a young mom my greatest strength came from the support of women/moms who have walked the same mothering  journey as I!