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Spiritual Expectation too high - Alright my fellow faith filled moms tell me if this rings true: You don't always feel like God is compassionate with your faults. We are so close to Easter, how has your Lent been. Subscribe in a reader
#illustratedfaith and #journalingbible -

This type of journaling takes you deeper into the bible passage you are reading/studying. Subscribe in a reader
Spiritual Theme march 15 – 21 - We are God’s precious objects.
To those who were convinced of their own righteousness - From a fellow Mom.  This goes under the file heading: For those who have eyes and can see, ears and can hear: “You know what I’d really like? That would be to stop comparing the sexes. Whatever you excel at? Excel at that shit! If you need help, ask. Keep my genitals out of it.…
It is mercy I desire, and not sacrifice. - Sister Moms have you ever felt like everything you, everything, you did as a mom was just wrong! As moms we all make mistakes.  But prayer, thought, seeking of knowledge and help is what God asks of us.  He does not want us to wallow in the past.  Wallow is the hurt of our hearts…
You have seen with your own eyes what the LORD did - God surely wants to heal our lives. Today was an example of this in my life and I am sure there are some moms that are having the same difficulties. From my past I have trust issues, issues that make it hard for me to open up and be vulnerable, issues that causes me to…
Morning Ignatius Spirituality for Mom: Or you plan God decides - My dear Mom friends; how do you do mornings? My dear friends, I know how hard it is to find time to do anything!  When I was a first mom to our oldest I was scared to death to go to the bathroom without leaving the door open!  As I became more experienced, it got so…
Prayer for Mom - Even though you may feel colourless, the day is filled with promise

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