Specific Issues That Block Our Mothering

Linda Schenk—Lansing, Michigan: Patricia “Wilson” Perkowski allows the Holy to work through her to bring spiritual healing which brings the realization of God’s forgiveness.  Forgiveness from God is ours for the asking but forgiveness of self/others can be a longer journey.  She can lead the way.  She teaches others what God has taught her.

A comfortable space to share your sacred story

A comfortable space to share your sacred story

From my experience as a Director of Project Rachel I have worked with many post abortive women, I understand the spiritual-emotional harm that abortion can cause. Faith Magazine (Lansing Diocese) article about my work

As a Mothering Mentor for Family Growth Center, a program of Child and Family Charities, I know how difficult mothering can sometimes be.

I worked for many years with Catholic Social Services in their Homemaker Program with moms who needed support to leave abusive relationships, give encouragement to moms in crisis, and and work with moms to learn parenting techniques.

I also have specific training as a member of the Theophostic Prayer MinistryTheophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) is not counseling, but rather prayer ministry. A Theophostic Prayer Ministry facilitator should never lead, guide or direct the session in any manner. Theophostic Prayer Ministry is focused on identifying the lie-based core belief that we harbor and seeking the Lord in prayer to receive his counsel through the presence of the Holy spirit. Theophostic Prayer is a ministry of prayer.

I have been invited to work with Together We Heal an organization focused on providing counseling and guidance for those who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

As a Director of Religious Education for Holy Cross Parish I have helped mother understand their children’s spiritual development and to work through their own issues with their spirituality, faith, and moments of doubts of God’s love.


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