How sad if I have missed the moment

Jo Cooper is a friend and mentor of mine. I have known Jo for many years, she worked at the Family Growth Centres where I had our eldest son enrolled there. She taught me so much of how to be a faithful gentle mom and I love her for that.

I’m so delighted to be starting another year! All time given to us is more precious than we ever take time to realize. There are things I know the Lord is urging me to do, and sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it feels uncomfortable, and sometimes, I just lack confidence to step out there and try. But that’s the whole point. He gives us time, He has things for us to do, and someday, I may be lying in a bed, unable to do much of anything, and these things will surely come to mind. How sad if I have missed the moment! I live for You, oh Lord. Amen. ~Jo Cooper

This quote from her Facebook timeline is perfect for today’s first reading.  I love the statement: Lord is urging me to do, and sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it feels uncomfortable, and sometimes, I just lack confidence to step out there and try. But that’s the whole point. Haven’t we all felt this way?  When we refuse to do, it is out of fear.  Fear of success.  Fear of the calling of God.  But this fear comes from listening to those spirits which convince us of our worthlessness, a thing that will make us deny God, deny our role of Priest,(lay priesthood of nurturers), Prophet, (the first teacher), and Queen, (conserver of resources).

If we listen too often, if it becomes habit we lose more than we think we have gained by not stepping out as God has called.

Final Christmas Hooray

I would love to know how many do this for Epiphany: giving one small final gift. For me this is an English/Irish tradition. Epiphany was when gifts were given,the wrap was always silver or gold.

It’s a tradition I brought to our marriage, it will help when, or if, we have in-law-children: can’t make Christmas? There is always Epiphany!

Some of the replies I received:
Jennifer Hofelich-Sanders: We do – our little ones got new slippers for winter and a new religious book.
Jennifer Kropp Denman: We do.
Monica O’Shea: We do this- “La Befana” in the Italian culture- visits children on epiphany and leaves each child a gift.
Donna Queen: Good idea-it makes the season last longer and can help teach the kids why we celebrate so long.
Elizabeth Welch Johnson: We don’t do that, but I like it.

So what about you? Share your Epiphany traditions in the comments


This Christmas decoration is on the wall in our family/media room and it is apropos for Epiphany and the season we are having and hope to continue throughout the year.

We believe Christ/God is love and because of this Christmas is a time when we give love more easily.

We give gifts to our loved because we want to show our love for them.  We want to see the look of joy in our loved ones eyes.  Christ is our greatest gift and we should give that greatest gift of love to those we love.

My hope for all of us for this year is to remember we are loved and when we love we only give great love. I pray that we remember we are a gift to each other and the world and that God who is head over heels, (heals), in love with us has given us the greatest gift: Jesus

Cartoon with many meanings

This cartoon is great for Epiphany. You have two young men dressed as Mormons on their two year spiritual duty to evangelize. You see the woman of the home and if you look carefully you see Jesus hiding in the curtains.

The Reading for the Solemnity of Epiphany tell the story of the wise men seeking out the Infant Jesus.

Look at the cartoon again and think about the spiritual aspect of it.

I’m stressed all the time!

Mommy Mantra, January 2, 2015: 1 John 2:22-28, John 1:19-28

The First Reading asks who is the lair, anyone who denies God/Christ, in the Gospel Jesus is threateningly asked who he was. Like many of us I take time to scan my Facebook. This morning I came across a mom who seems to be ” stressed all the time for no good reason.”

I have worked with many moms and know that there is often a reason for the stress.

One reason we often feel stress is that we focus and dwell on issues from our past, these are issues we have not resolved, unresolved because of fear. It is this fear that causes us to forget who we are: Beloved adopted Children of God.

Fear makes us hide, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. We hid from the sacraments that can help free us from this stress by bringing us back to God.

Today let’s pray for all those moms who are struck by fear and stress, who have forgotten who they are.

Here is a wonderful article by Catholic Sistas on the topic.

Moms Sharing Wisdom


What can you do withshutterstock_88840111 all those Christmas cards, here are some suggestions from other faith-filled moms.

*  You pick one card a week and pray for that person or family that sent you that card for the whole week.  ~Kristin ‘Coppola’ Heilman

* We put ours in a photo album on out kitchen table and pray for a new family each day at every meal.  ~Rosie Bahar McCune

* I have a scrapbook that is just christmas cards, the ones with special notes or pictures make it in the book and I list the rest. It shows an awesome timeline of our friends and family.  ~Toni Torsell

Today is New Year’s Eve

…..interesting time of year

For me time seems to stand still, maybe it’s because Greg often takes vacation days now, or maybe it’s because the changing of the year is happening; but it seems as if the world is holding it’s breath-waiting


It’s FYI Wednesday and I have asked fellow Catholic moms for questions that they might have on such topics as motherhood and spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for yourself, or just to learn more about Spiritual Direction; here is the latest question asked by Miriam:

Q: I need some advice, we had a get together for my nieces 17 birthday and her friends were there I caught my husband staring at one that is 19. I confronted him when we got home. He doesn’t deny looking at her but says he wasn’t thinking anything bad. Am I the crazy one for being mad?

A: I hear ya’ loud and clear!

I am a wife, (30 years), mom of four, and many other things in my life. What you are going through is something I have gone through, and many others moms as well.  I have been there! Sometimes we get lost in our role of mom and begin to loose ourselves, our calling.

Today’s first reading speaks of “the last hour”; and it’s interesting that it is also New Year’s Eve!

Could it be that God is calling you to make positive changes? You have already identified some areas you wish to work on.

Could you see this as an opportunity to begin open loving honest communication with your husband.

Could God be calling you to care for the temple of His Holy Spirit and also model this for your children the same?

God is head over heels, (heals), in love with us. He wants us to heal the broken places on our life. Create the best atmosphere for our world.

God bless!

New Eve

Mommy Mantra December 8, 2014: The LORD God then asked the woman: What is this you have done? The woman answered, “The snake tricked me, so I ate it.” GENESIS 3:13

Both women impact our lives, the world, themselves.  Eve, like many of us, trusts others, she looks outside herself to find guidance.  Maybe she does this because she did not trust her inner voice, or maybe she was naive and could not see when someone is leading her astray; she had to suffer the consequences to learn more.

The LORD God then asked the woman, “Why did you do such a thing?” The woman answered, “The serpent tricked me into it, so I ate it.”  Was Eve’s reply an innocent response to God because she did not know she did wrong?  Or was she being defiant?

Mary, the New Eve, is she so different than Eve?  She knows God as Eve did; her difference was trust, trust in God.

Was her thinking different?  Mary when told of God’s plan for her life she said: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Both women known the Lord personally.  But both women react to the Lord in different ways: one more thoughtful, one more impulsive.

Being impulsive it is easier for us to sin, lose our connection with God.  Being thoughtful helps us choose the better path.

Comfort, give comfort to my people