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introSpiritual Lives Of Women believes that mothers have a unique spiritual nature that connects us to the creative powers of God and the world around; but too often moms can’t find time for themselves let alone found time for God!

Learn how Spiritual Direction helps moms
Learn how Spiritual Direction with issues that may be blocking spiritual growth

Download What to look for and how to find a Spiritual Director

Read the article from Faith Magazine, Lansing Diocese, on how my experience as a Spiritual Director enlightened my work as a Diocese of Lansing woman’s ministry Chair

Mommying should never be done alone! 

“I am Roman Catholic mom, wife and spiritual director. I have been a director since 1998.

The Perkowski Clan
The Perkowski Clan

At the time I began my study of Spiritual Direction I just had our twin girls, and I was struck, again, by the profound relationship my motherhood, pregnancy and birth experiences had on my spirituality.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

My birth and pregnancy experiences helped form my personal and spiritual understanding of myself as a person, woman, Daughter of the Great King : That we, as moms, women, persons are greater than the sums of our parts.

I understand the pressures we put on ourselves and I understand the profound effect Spiritual Direction has to helping us learn more about ourselves and God.”  ~Patty Wilson Perkowski

Spiritual Direction and Consultation is about helping




• Discover what God is saying/doing for you in the events/situations of your life
• Discover God in each relationship
• Discover your true self as God sees you



• Spiritual Directions helps your callings become clearer
• Helps renew your faith
• Rejuvenate your relationships with God and others


“Our prayers must mean something to us if they are to mean anything to God” –Maltbie D. Babcock God has created us to love and to be loved, and this is the beginning of prayer; to know that he loves me, that I have been created for greater things.― Mother Theresa
598637_628673137155903_1354004392_n HHHHHH Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997)...


Spiritual Direction for moms….helping to nurture their souls, hear God’s call in their lives and find the spirituality of their motherhood…



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It’s FYI Wednesday and I have asked fellow Catholic moms for questions that they might have on such topics as motherhood and spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for yourself, or just to learn more about Spiritual Direction; here is the latest question asked by Megan: I don’t know what is going on in the world.…

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#184204493 / gettyimages.com Did you know that in Tanzania, people who have Albinism, (commonly know as ‘Ablbino’), are segregated, brutalized, sexually assaulted, or even murdered. ~ from HODGEPODGE 4 THE SOUL™   I didn’t either. As a woman and a mom I am speaking to you fellow mom, fellow believer.  We are all connected one to the other…

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Sunday was the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the Gospel reading was of the Canaanite woman with an ill daughter.  Now, what was so interesting about this Sunday, was that I was at a church that is far more conservative than I am. I seldom go to this church for Mass because I find that…

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What Some Say....

Father Tom McDevitt
Spiritual Director
Saint Francis Retreat Centre

I recommend Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski as spiritual guide.  

She has credentials in the Spiritual Direction Formation Program offered through St. Francis Retreat Center and has a strong background with Project Rachel, as Director Religious Education for the Diocese of Lansing.  

She brings a rich experience of working with women of varied backgrounds and brings this experience to be of service to others in living and growing in faith and love

Dr. William Brown, PhD
Chairman, TRT, Inc.

-– Washington DC:  Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski is a warm and caring individual who brings a depth of faith to her professional life that allows her to work with people wherever they are at the moment. Her personal and work experiences have positioned her well to serve with great empathy and understanding to those who come to share their lives.

Linda Schenk

—Lansing, Michigan: Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski allows the Holy to work through her to bring spiritual healing which brings the realization of God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness from God is ours for the asking but forgiveness of self/others can be a longer journey.

She can lead the way. She teaches others what God has taught her.

FYI Wednesday

Every Wednesday I blog the questions that moms might have on such topics as motherhood and spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for yourself, or just to learn more about Spiritual Direction.

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