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  • Proclaim Boldly: In the first reading, Peter and John have just been released from the authority of the Sanhedrin, the…  Read Here
  • Peace Be With You: Maybe it’s because soon Greg, my hubby, and I will be closer to a complete empty nest.  Our twins are transferring to… Read Here
  • Go Boldly Proclaim You Are A Mom: Aren’t we, as moms, reborn when we have our children? So many times I have heard fellow mom friends … Read Here
  • Am I crazy?: Am I crazy? Don’t the readings of today sound exactly like Sunday’s first reading and yesterday’s Gospel?! Yuppers, they are those same readings. Why? It is important for us during this Octave of Easter to understand how the early church operated. Each person was seen as important. Age didn’t matter. Sex didn’t matter. What mattered was … Read Here

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